Coaching and Mentoring

An Accelerate mentor is a trusted counselor, coach and guide, someone who maintains a close relationship with the team and team leader. The mentor invests his or her time and expertise to equip the team to achieve their goal.

The mentor is always an outsider to the team, but is in continuous and close contact with the team leader. It is not the role of the mentor to be the “answer man” for every problem, but to facilitate discovery of the answers.

Every team is going to go through times when no one in the team has the answer or knows what to do next. A crisis may arise or help may be needed from an experienced and objective person. No team can successfully complete the mission to disciple a city without an outside mentor.

Mentors launch, equip and multiply new teams. The team mentor is responsible to guide the team through the learning process and help team leaders to identify where they are stuck. Mentoring is both formal and informal. It is also holistic and includes spiritual and emotional nurturing, skills training and character and leadership development. Team mentors also do not work alone, but work together to help one another. Different mentors have different strengths; some are good at strategy, while some are good at relationships or with administration. Mentors continually evaluate teams to make sure that everyone gets the support they need. Accelerate has developed a useful tool for mentors to use with teams and team leaders called PATH.

P - Person

A - Awareness

T - Training

H – Highlights

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