Accelerate Partnerships

Accelerate builds collaborative partnerships across multiple organizations, creating resilience by avoiding dependence on any single entity. We value a relational form of ministry that celebrates friendship and community in a culture of mutual respect under the Kingdom rule of God.

Jesus built his team on the foundation of relationship. He called them “so that they might be with him” (Mark 3:14). A well-formed relational team was the means by which He chose to do ministry. While often time consuming and demanding, we are convinced of the importance of strong and healthy teams. We build team-based movements that are truly on mission together.

Accelerate is a global network of relational teams that create, sustain and extend movements of the gospel around the world. These teams consist of leaders from various organizations, agencies and churches. There are no contracts to sign. We are held together through a common vision and a warm relational bond of mutual trust. Accelerate is also a family. We believe that it is a biblical imperative to maintain this relational identity in an apostolic movement. When we meet together, we leave our organizational identities at the door. We meet as peers who seek to ignite movements of the gospel around the world. Our relationships are personal, not organizational. We believe that true movements of the gospel are birthed when we work together in a way that only Christ receives the glory for the outcome. This does not mean that we deny the organizations that support us. Many of our leaders decide to embark on shared projects. Accelerate often becomes a platform for several leaders to involve their organizations in shared projects. We encourage such working together that flows from a relational bond of trust.

Visit our Accelerate Teams site to find out how you can be a team member or partner in the Accelerate movement.