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pdf Discovering Leadership Together Popular

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16 Practices of effective disciple-making leaders - a guideline for leaders in training. Easy read, interactive and discovery format.

pdf Discovering Obedience Popular

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22 Discovery passages on obedience. David Watson on obedience: "God’s love language for us is mercy and grace. We cannot show mercy and grace to God, so our love language for God is different than His love language for us. Jesus clearly taught in John 14 and 15 that mankind’s love language for God is obedience. God loved us first and it is demonstrated in His mercy and grace. Our love response to God is obedience. There is always a danger that obedience can turn to legalism. Obedience is motivated by our love for God.”

pdf Healings in the Bible Popular

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The Kingdom that Jesus declared was not mere talk, but was embodied through spectacular miracles. Jesus told his disciples to heal the sick people they found. This was clearly a supernatural action of God’s power flowing through them. We need to look out for needs amongst the people we are going to and then trust God to work through us to meet those needs. Explore 17 Scripture discoveries in the Old and New Testaments on healing.

pdf Jesus launches a team Popular

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What was the first thing Jesus did in his ministry? He launched a team. Discover how Jesus launched and mentored his team through the 8 Step Team Cycle.

pdf Mentoring Popular

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Discover 12 best practices of movement mentors in the New Testament.

pdf Persecution Popular

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Disciple makers will be persecuted, Jesus warned in Matthew 10:16-24. Paul also forewarned Christians in 2 Timothy 3:12 "... everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." With these 16 Bible lessons disciple makers can prepare themselves.

pdf Power Encounters Popular

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20 Cases of supernatural encounters the New Testament. The spiritual realm is real. Disciple makers can prepare themselves in the Scriptures and prayer to win the battle against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Galatians 6:12).

pdf The Apostles – 66 Stories Popular

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Explore the birth and rapid growth of the Church in the book of Acts from approximately 30 AD to 64 AD. 66 Stories full of lessons for modern day disciple makers.