Giving God's Way

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Myles Wilson has been helping mission agencies and Christian organisations across the globe for almost 40 years, advising them, training and equipping their staff to better get to grips with the Biblical and practical realities of living on a support basis in Christian ministry. In this module “Giving God’s Way” Myles shares with us the principles of God's generosity and His economy.

Giving God’s Way – Worksheet

  • Category: Basic Concepts
  • Presenter: Myles Wilson
  • Regions: Global
  • Language: English

Giving God's Way (part 1 of 5)



Giving God's Way (part 2 of 5)



Giving God's Way (part 3 of 5)



Giving God's Way (part 4 of 5)



Giving God's Way (part 5 of 5)