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audio David Watson's testimony (90 min mp3) Popular

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David Watson is known for his pioneering DMM work among the Bhojpuri in north India. In 1994 there were fewer than 100 000 Bhojpuri Christians. In 2009, according to an external audit, the number has grown to 4 million. In this 90 min mp3 you will hear him tell his testimony.

pdf Movement Components Popular

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The 5 components of every gospel movement: prayer, evangelism & disciple making, leadership development, church formation and cultural (societal) transformation.

pdf Terms we use in Accelerate Popular

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New to Accelerate? Getting confused by acronyms like DMM and DBS? Here is a useful list of terms used in the Accelerate global peer learning community. Note that these terms may be adapted as our collective understanding of movements of the gospel grows.

pdf First Principles that fuel Gospel Movements Popular

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God movements do not begin through our strategies, tactics or methods. They begin with God. These 15 First Principles help us understand how we can participate with God or hinder the movement of God.