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These 10 discovery sessions by Roy Wingerd are designed to instill the DNA of Generosity into first generation believers and first generation gatherings - just like it happened in the first church. The importance of these sessions is to help participants understand God’s giving nature. God’s love in us can be seen, and even measured, in our love for others around us.

The New Testament church had five things they did consistently, beginning on the day the church was born: Worship, Fellowship, Nurture, Mission and Giving. The story in Acts 2:41-47 clearly shows that these five things were an immediate response to believing in Jesus… they were not eventual characteristics of true disciples.

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God movements do not begin through our strategies, tactics or methods. They begin with God. These 15 First Principles help us understand how we can participate with God or hinder the movement of God.

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A handy 2 page guide filled with advise on how to do effective prayer walking.