Since 2014, we have been working toward the best possible solution for online movement training. The latest version of Accelerate training launched in July 2017 and reflects our approach to adaptive learning.

Accelerate online is built on the Accelerate values of team, partnership and adaptive learning. Many studies have shown that lock-step delivery of information is not really the best way to help people learn. Therefore, the Accelerate training site offers people the opportunity to explore content and start their own learning at any point. We want to provide the best learning environment possible for students of gospel movements.

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We are a global network of teams committed to multiplying gospel movements, by helping leaders discover best movement practices specific to their unique challenges and contexts.

Accelerate is strongly team-based and partnership-based. Our training has been designed (and continues to be shaped) by hundreds of disciple makers around the world. The Accelerate model seeks to produce the most fruit by training and mentoring teams to respond to change, adapt rapidly and build movements that continue to multiply.

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An Accelerate mentor is a trusted counselor, coach and guide, someone who maintains a close relationship with the team and team leader. The mentor invests his or her time and expertise to equip the team to achieve their goal.

The mentor is always an outsider to the team, but is in continuous and close contact with the team leader. It is not the role of the mentor to be the “answer man” for every problem, but to facilitate discovery of the answers.

Every team is going to go through times when no one in the team has the answer or knows what to do next. A crisis may arise or help may be needed from an experienced and objective person. No team can successfully complete the mission to disciple a city without an outside mentor.

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Accelerate builds collaborative partnerships across multiple organizations, creating resilience by avoiding dependence on any single entity. We value a relational form of ministry that celebrates friendship and community in a culture of mutual respect under the Kingdom rule of God.

Jesus built his team on the foundation of relationship. He called them “so that they might be with him” (Mark 3:14). A well-formed relational team was the means by which He chose to do ministry. While often time consuming and demanding, we are convinced of the importance of strong and healthy teams. We build team-based movements that are truly on mission together.

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No single person or organization has all the answers. Complex challenges require adaptive solutions. Reaching nations with the gospel requires an innovative and adaptive learning and training system. There is no “one size fits all” approach to reaching the nations of the world with the good news of Jesus.

The world is complex. It seems to be growing more and more complex every day. An acronym often used to describe unpredictable environments is “VUCA.” It stands for “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.” This is descriptive of many environments that Accelerate is working in – particularly war zones, refugee camps and urban environments. It also increasingly describes more and more of the world around us. As the world becomes more complex and uncertain, we need a way to rapidly adapt and discover new approaches to reaching people.

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