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pdf 10 Stories of Hope Popular

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10 Scripture discoveries on hope that is found in Jesus. Great tool to use with pre-believers who are far from God. This list is also called the "10 Stories of Hope".

pdf 54 Discoveries for Seed Communities Popular

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Urban Seed Discoveries by Jim Yost - very comprehensive.
- 9 Major categories
- 6 Felt need issues per category
- 6 Studies per felt need
- Well-suited to urban environments

pdf Creation to Christ Popular

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"The Bible in a nutshell" - 47 discovery passages in 5 categories. Great for use with pre-believers with whom disciple makers have little or nothing in common. Categories include Stories of the Beginning, Stories of Abraham, Stories of the Prophets, Stories of Jesus, The Early Gatherings of Believers.

pdf Creation to Christ (short version) Popular

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From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List by David Watson. 26 Scripture discoveries.

pdf Discovery Scriptures for Urban Cultures Popular

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"God is closer than you think!" This discovery Bible study is designed for use with city dwellers who are far from God.

pdf Honor & Shame Popular

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26 Scripture discoveries designed for Honor & Shame cultures. "These passages are meant to draw our attention to... the significance of Jesus’ ministry and the power of the gospel to redress shame and to restore honor."

pdf Idolatry Popular

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15 Bible discovery scriptures on the topic of idolatry.

pdf Ontdek God Saam Popular

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Afrikaans translation of "Discovering God together".

pdf Prayer in the Bible Popular

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25 Stories in the Bible of how people prayed... and changed their world.

pdf Stories for Muslim settings Popular

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Discovery sciptures for use in Muslim settings. 14 Stories of prophets in the Old and New Testaments are explored.

pdf Warnings against Dead Religion Popular

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Jesus' warnings against dead religion. 6 Discovery passages.

pdf Witchcraft and Sorcery Popular

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Discovery scriptures on witchcraft and sorcery. 13 Discovery passages.